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Office of Holistic Graduate Programs:

Salve Regina University
162 Webster Street
Newport, RI 02840

Office Phone:
(401) 341-3179

[email protected]

Holistic Graduate Programs’ Contacts:

Dr. Nancy Gordon:                   [email protected]        (401) 341-3290
Dr. Nancy Gordon is the chair of the Graduate Counseling Department, which includes the following entities: Holistic Graduate Programs, Holistic Counseling, Holistic Leadership, Expressive and Creative Arts, and Rehabilitation Counseling. Dr. Gordon also serves as Director of the Holistic Graduate Programs.

Dr. Amanda Minor:                      [email protected]          (401) 341-3278

Dr. Amanda Minor is Associate Professor of Holistic Counseling and the Internship Coordinator.  She is a full time professor in our program.

Mr. Christopher Carbone:          [email protected]    (401) 341-3122

Mr. Christopher Carbone is the director of the Expressive and Creative Arts Program and the Expressive Arts Institute.  He is a part time lecturer in our department.  He handles the applications for the Expressive Arts Institute and advises prospective and currents students pursuing the Expressive Arts certificates.

Mrs. Julie Williams Davis:              [email protected]  (401) 341-4781

Mrs. Julie Williams Davis is the Student Advisor and Program Coordinator for the Holistic Graduate Programs.  Mrs. Davis addresses questions from prospective students and advises current students in their course of study.  She plans department events and runs general operations for the department.  She is the Work Study supervisor and your primary contact in the department.

Dr. Kathleen Muirhead: [email protected] (401) 341-7286

Dr. Kathleen Muirhead is Assistant Professor

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