Licensure for Counseling

The 60-credit Holistic Clinical Mental Health Masters or the combined Master’s in Holistic Counseling and the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Mental Health with a Holistic concentration prepares students to meet the requirements for Rhode Island state licensure.

Click on the following image to see the Coursework Requirements the Holistic Graduate Program classes fill:


  • $70 Licensure Application Fee
  • $195 Examination Fee
  • $119.95 month of membership to (optional)

Once You Have Applied:

  • RI Board approves of your application and sends you paperwork to register for the examination.
  • You must send this paperwork to NBCC along with the examination fee of $195.
  • NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) will contact you in about four weeks and provide you with a website that offers exam times/locations in your area.
  • You must take the test within six months of the day the NBCC gives you in their confirmation email.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Mentors:

We have several alumni who have received their licensing recently in the surrounding area (Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut) and are willing to mentor those in the process of getting their licenses. If you are interested in pursuing this service, contact the Office of Holistic Graduate Programs at [email protected] or call (401) 341-3179.

Below is a Video and an accompanying Handout from a past workshop, Fall 2013
on approaching and completing the LMHC Licensing application.


HANDOUT – For the online video LMHC Handout – Holistic Counseling – Fall2013


We Are Updating Our Database of Licensed Mental Health Counselors:

If you are currently licensed as a mental health counselor in any state, please email [email protected] and let our office know. We are working to compile a complete list of who is licensed from our program.

If you are licensed and are willing to mentor graduates who are undertaking the licensing process, please indicate that on your email.

Thank you!


For Full Info on the University website: