Plan Ahead

See an adviser – Schedule an appointment for advising.

Our intent is for you to engage in the program in a way that best suits your needs and goals, all the while progressing through an order of classes that fulfills prerequisites, supports learning that builds upon content learned sequentially, and gets you to graduation in a timely manner.

Advising helps you maximize your experience at Salve Regina. You’ll come away with a plan designed just for you!

  • An advising session can help you coordinate your course load with your work and home life. Advisors will ask you about the kind of time you have available to devote to your studies. An advisor will work with you in deciding how many classes you can comfortably take in a semester.
  • Advising helps you look forward and know what to take when. Some classes are offered just once an academic year. Planning ahead and laying out a plan for your entire course of study helps to ensure that you get the classes you need – when you need them!
  • Working with an advisor is essential for making sure you progress through the program in the appropriate sequence. It is best for you and for your classmates if you have the background you need for each class you take.

You should have received an email from your adviser in the first semester of your program.  Please contact that person for an advising appointment.  If you are unsure of your assignment, please contact Julie Williams Davis at [email protected].