Holistic Counseling

“Our post-modern era of rapid change, specialization, and fragmentation demands a program that fosters integration; of the personal and professional; of the traditional and the evolutionary; of body, mind and spirit. If you are interested in being pat of the solution to the crisis and confusion of our times, consider an education in counseling at Salve Regina University.”

The holistic graduate program in counseling is designed to prepare professional counselors with a variety of professional counseling skills, utilizing a holistic approach to their work. Consonant with the mission of the University, the holistic counseling program seeks to help students learn and understand how to observe, evaluate, and incorporate the integration of body, mind, and spirit into their personal and professional lives. The program defines integration and wholeness as an essential expression of personal and system well-being, compassion, and social justice.

Based on the program vision of a five-level helix model, we integrate the following perspectives into our program philosophy and course curriculum:

Level 1: Personal Development Skills
Level 2: One-to-One Consultation Skills
Level 3: Small System Skills
Level 4: Large System Skills
Level 5: Global System Skills

Holistic counselors in training are presented with the idea that personal and system wholeness depends upon connectedness with the human community and with the natural world that supports it. They are taught that many of today’s mental, physical, and social challenges stem from a lack of integration resulting in persons and systems dissociated from themselves, the community, and the environment.

In recognition of our interconnectedness, courses address approaches through the body, the cognitive emotional and the spirit. Emphasis is on wellness, with symptoms seen as calls to self-realization and system wholeness.

This program is designed to train future practitioners to be excellent counselors and agents of healing for individuals, groups, and whole systems in times of change.

The primary goal is to develop well-trained master’s level counseling practitioners capable of working effectively in ways that reflect the program’s philosophy, our University’s mission, and our changing world. The holistic counseling program facilitates student mastery of counseling theory and practice.

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