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Welcome to the Holistic Programs at Salve Regina University.  We are pleased to offer you several degree and certificate options that will best accommodate your needs in the fields of Holistic Counseling, Expressive and Creative Arts, and the Holistic Leadership program. 

Holistic Leadership was designed for individuals who are longing to enter the world as leaders bringing creativity, integrity and purpose to their current and/or future position. The 36-credit master’s degree builds upon the core classes of the Holistic Counseling Program and adds a specialization in leadership and systems learning. Holistic Leadership is an integrative field of study, designed for those who wish to work with individuals, groups, large organizations, and global systems.  It combines helping skills, organizational learning, systems thinking, and holistic approaches, so students can learn to become leaders within their own sphere.  This master’s degree can be applied to fields such as education, human service, business, government, ministries, the arts and all forms of creative vocations. Those who pursue the master’s degree in Holistic Counseling may choose to complete a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Holistic Leadership with an additional twelve credits.

The 48-credit Holistic Counseling Program is the bedrock of the Holistic Program.  Holistic Counseling was founded over twenty years ago with a continued goal of educating and training counselors who value integration of body, mind and spirit.  The program’s primary aim is to develop well-trained master’s level practitioners capable of working effectively with individuals and groups in ways that reflect the program’s philosophy. Holistic studies facilitate student mastery of theoretical material related to the holistic perspective, as well as the counseling process as a practical art.  An additional 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Mental Health Counseling allows students to complete the prerequisites to sit for the Mental Health Counselor licensing examination in Rhode Island.

The Expressive and Creative Arts Program is designed to provide educators, medical caregivers, therapists and those in related fields with the basic training to begin working as an “Expressive Arts Educational Facilitator.” The focus is on using a multi-modal approach to the expressive and creative arts to facilitate transformation, self-discovery, physical healing, and the evolution of consciousness when working with groups or individuals. All classes concentrate specifically on an integration of the visual arts with movement, sound and expressive writing. Class lectures and discussions are presented on the applications of the expressive and creative arts and the research supporting its efficacy, combined with hands-on experiential exercises. Individuals holding a Master’s degree may choose to receive a 15-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies or they may apply to the Expressive Arts Institute, an intensive, non-credit course of study.

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Additional Certificate Options are available.  Please consult the Graduate Studies Catalog or contact Julie Williams Davis for more information.