New Student Responsibilities

We know that many of you are returning to school amidst lives that are full with jobs, family and activities. We have done as much as we can to ensure that our scheduling accommodates working lives as much as possible. Some activities that are required for the completion of your degree may fall during typical working hours. Please plan to prioritize your Master’s Degree during this time in your life, and perhaps utilize vacation or personal days to attend necessary meeting, classes and advising. The following are some of those required events:

Advising meetings for course of study planning: Held prior to matriculation and at any time you need direction or understanding of course offerings.

Internship Meetings: Scheduled at three different times and days in an attempt to accommodate busy schedules. The schedule of meetings will be posted in the fall semester, with three months of advance notice.

The Holistic Programs’ Newsletter: This is the vehicle through which all information from the department is disseminated. It is the student’s responsibility to access their Salve email and read the newsletter promptly.

Exit Interviews and Graduation Bios: All students receiving degrees and certificates will need to complete an on-campus exit interview.

Application to Graduate: Everyone planning to graduate must complete the Application to Graduate before November 1st.

For Full Info on the University website: