Postgraduate Small Group Supervision Seminar

On-going group supervision for recent graduates seeking to strengthen their clinical skills, absorb a powerful clinical framework, and develop their private practices. We work within a highly experiential, emotion-focused, attachment-based model grounded in field theory and contemporary relational Gestalt.
The group offers a safe, supportive environment for members to grow as individuals and clinicians.

  • Particular attention is given to:
  • Therapeutic presence & embodiment
  • Tracking the phenomenology of affect in self and other
  • Core schema activation
  • Catalyzing transformative processes within a holding environment
  • Attending to cycles of attunement, disruption, and repair
  • Therapist’s role in dyadic affect regulation
  • Deepening sensitivity to our own and others’ attachment tendencies
  • Developing an embodied sensitivity to the dynamics of affective fields
  • The overall purpose of the group is to provide a supportive community in which to:
  • Continually renew one’s commitment to – and excitement about – the work
  • Develop one’s private practice within a context of strong mutual support, and deep connection with like-minded colleagues

These supervision groups are limited to 8 people. They meet once per month for two hours, on the east side of Providence. Fees are on a sliding scale.

For more information, feel free to contact:
Archie Roberts, LMHC
(401) 709 – 4295
[email protected]