Events for Newport Community Yoga

Check out these two exciting events held by Newport Community Yoga!


Circle of Hearts and Hands Healing Share

Date: Sat April 23rd 3-5:30
Holistic Practitioners, Herbalists, Mediums, Healers of All modalities. This is an opportunity to gather as a community of healers to share, receive, deepen and grow. All levels welcome. No Cash will be exchanged at this event. Trades in the form of goods or services only. (Call 401-662-2169 for Questions or to RSVP)


Journey Into Super Consciousnessspiritual-healer

Date: Saturday May 7th 2-5pm
Come for a unique, one-day workshop that can improve and uplift your entire psyche.  Kelly and Sarah will explain how, through releasement breathwork, one’s fears and suppressed emotions can be released, leaving us with a greater feeling of peacefulness than when we started.  They will then guide the group throughout the breathing portion, and remain present if anyone needs individual assistance.  This process can be repeated over time in order to enter into a greater feeling of centered awareness and joy.

Releasement breath work helps to remove old belief systems and patterns that are trapped in our subconscious.  It allows old feelings that are under the surface to come up so we can better handle them in a safe and supported environment.  In return, this allows us to live a more present and joyous life journey.

Newport Community Yoga is located at  60 Spring St, Newport, RI 02840