CBHI Licensure Reimbursement Program

The Office of Behavioral Health at Mass Health under the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is offering financial support to staff in pursuit of licensure. This scholarship would serve to support staff in achieving independent licensure including LICSW, LMHC, LMFT, and Psychologists. Qualifying staff are persons providing direct service and/or supervision in In-home therapy (IHT) and/or Intensive Care Coordination (ICC). The Staff person must meet this criterion at time of application and continuously at the same provider agency for a period of six months from the date of reimbursement.

The financial coverage can vary depending on individual testing needs. Funds can be used to reimburse the cost of licensing prep/study courses, license test fees, and the cost to obtain the actual license.  Maximum distribution is $1,500 per individual. Reimbursement for any expenses does not require a passing score on the exam. Exam costs may be covered for no more than two attempts.

This is a reimbursement program; therefore, staff who are awarded the scholarship will incur costs up front and then submit an invoice with all receipts in order to receive payment. To expedite the reimbursement turnaround, staff may elect to submit two invoices. For example:

  • Invoice 1 – Test prep and license test related fees
  • Invoice 2 – Licensing fee

Interested staff must apply for the program up front. Upon acceptance, staff can begin to incur eligible expenses and submit invoices with receipts for reimbursement. Only approved expenses will be reimbursed.

In order for funds to be distributed, staff member must commit to retain employment at current agency and in IHT/ICC for a minimum of 6-months from the date of the licensing exam. All funds need to be used for the intended purpose.

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