2 Year Comprehensive Training in Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy

Hakomi Comprehensive Training

2017 – 2019

The Comprehensive Training offers in-depth instruction of the Hakomi curriculum with several goals in place as students enter different stages of understanding. The initial goal is to gain an understanding of Hakomi’s principles and apply them with an attitude of loving presence. Next, students are guided to understand how personality and character are organized and how to use this understanding selectively. The third goal is to understand the various maps of the therapeutic process and how to properly and accurately use these maps and skills. The fourth goal in this series of steps is to understand one’s own character and personal process as an instrument for therapy.
Curriculum Highlights Include:
• Embodying Hakomi principles
• The dynamic use of mindfulness
• The body as map of the psyche
• Tracking, contacting & directing awareness
• Establishing limbic resonance
• The experimental attitude
• Making the unconscious conscious
• Identifying belief systems
• Developmental issues & the missing experience
• Working with core material
• Recognizing & containing traumatic activation
• Ethics as right relationship
• Working with the child state of consciousness
• Self-Development of the therapist
• Group dynamics in experiential learning
• Attachment theory and neuroscience
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