Interesting People to Follow

This page is dedicated to people affiliated with our program who are sources of interesting information that we feel our students, alumni and faculty might be interested in.

  • Dr. Kate Siner

    Dr. Kate is a mentor, author and speaker who created her business to help others fulfill their passions. She offers many trainings and workshops in addition to individual mentoring. Visit or email her at for more information

  • Gail Glanville

    “Gail Glanville is a 10,000+hour practitioner of Resonance/Holographic Repatterning,™ a Health Writer and coach who lives happily in the nearby US Virgin islands. She’s only a phone call away for a Clarity Session or conversation about how to improve the words you use to spread the word about your service. Same stateside cell phone: 401 654 1565.” For more information email Gail at or visit any of the following websites: , , .